Argo Blue Precision, LLC
Precision CNC Machining

  Manufacturing Equipment                                                                           

    Fadal VMC4020(1988) 3-axis mill w/cnc88 control &  USB dnc upgrade.
    capacity: 40” x 20” x 24” (xyz)
    Bridgeport Series I(1983) 2-1/2 axis mill w/Boss 6 control.
    capacity:18” x12” x16” (xyz)
    Grizzly M4002(2006) lathe w/quik change tool post and full threading capabilities 
    capacity: 17”dia x 24”
    Chevalier Model FSG-618 surface grinder
    7” Horizontal/Vertical band saw
    Drill Press
    Bench Grinders/belt sander
                                 Deburr (Dremel, buffer/deburr wheel, die-grinders)
                                                      Inspection Equipment  
                                                24" X 36" Granite Surface Plate
                         12" Height Gage
                    12" Height Micrometer 
10x Magnification Optical Comparator 
010"-.750" Pin Gages
                    6", 12", & 24" Calipers  

                    1", 2", & 3" Micrometer set 
                    Full Precision Block sets
                    Various indicators-travel/dial
                    Various Bore Gages up to 3"